No-prompt Sites

When you submit a form to a web site, Privacy Bird® checks the privacy policy associated with the form before any data is sent to the site. If no privacy policy can be found or if the policy does not match your preferences, Privacy Bird will prompt you and ask you whether or not you want to proceed to submit the form. You have the option of asking privacy companion not to prompt you again about forms on that site, or not to prompt you about forms on any site. If you change your mind later, you can use the No-prompt Sites window to change your settings.

To configure your no-prompt settings, click on the bird icon and select the My preferences menu item. Then select No-prompt Sites. A window will appear that lists all the sites you have asked not to be prompted at. Click on a site and then click the Delete button to remove the site from the no-prompt list (re-enabling prompts at that site should the site have forms that fail to match your privacy preferences). You can also check or uncheck the box at the top of the window to enable or disable such prompts altogether.

Click the OK button when you have finished making your selections.

Note, that Privacy Bird may not generate warnings for forms at some sites, even if they do not match your preferences and are not on your no-prompt list. This is due to limitations in Privacy Bird's ability to detect all forms.