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When your web browser fetches a web page it often has to fetch several files, including a file containing the text of the page, and files containing graphics, sounds, and other components. Sometimes these files are all provided by the same company or organization. However, sometimes your browser will have to visit the web sites of multiple companies in order to assemble a web page for you. Your web browser figures all of this out automatically and you do not have to worry about how it happens. Besides fetching all of the components in a web page, if you use Privacy Bird®, your browser can find the privacy policies that apply to each component. On some web pages there will be one policy that covers everything. However, on other web pages different policies will apply to different parts of the page. For example, the privacy policy of an advertising company often applies to advertisements embedded in a web site. If Privacy Bird determines that a web page's privacy policy matches your privacy preferences but an image or other object embedded in the page does not have a privacy policy or has a policy that does not match your preferences, the green bird icon with a red exclamation point will appear in your browser title bar.

Embedded Content can be selected from the About This Site menu. Selecting this menu item opens a new window containing a list of all of the images and other files that are embedded in the web page you are currently visiting. You can use this list to view the privacy policy associated with each embedded item. The list has four columns. The first column shows the URL of each embedded object. The second column indicates whether the privacy policy for that object is "Unknown" or whether it matches ("Matched") or conflicts with ("Unmatched") your personal privacy preferences. The third column indicates the type of object. The fourth column indicates the URL of the P3P privacy policy for that object (if known). You can drag the column headings to rearrange the order of the columns. Clicking on a heading will sort the list of embedded objects by the field in that column. Select an object in the list and double click on it to view the corresponding policy summary.

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