Opt-in/Opt-out Info

Opt-in/Opt-out Info can be selected from the About This Site menu. Selecting this menu item opens a new window containing the web site's instructions for opting out of or opting in to mailing lists, marketing, etc.

Many web sites will put your name on mailing lists, share some of your personal information with partner companies, or use your information for other purposes not related to the purpose for which you provided the data. In some cases you may find these other uses of your data helpful -- for example if the company sends you coupons for products that you buy frequently -- but in other cases you may wish to request that your data not be used in these ways. Web sites that provide an "opt-out" allow you to request that your data not be used for some of the purposes described in the site's privacy policy. You can often make an opt-out request by filling out a form on the web site, sending an email, or calling a toll free telephone number.

Some web sites do not use your personal information for any purposes unrelated to the purpose for which you provided that data unless you specifically request to have your data used for another purpose. For example, an online store might use your shipping address only to ship your purchases. However, you can request to be put on the store's mailing list so that you will receive its catalog. In this case you are "opting-in" to receiving the catalog.

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