You can configure Privacy Bird® to play a sound after performing a privacy check. A melodic three-note chirp accompanies the privacy policy match (green bird) icon. A three-note "question mark" chirp accompanies the unknown policy (yellow bird) icon. A single crow sound accompanies the privacy policy mismatch (red bird) icon.

To turn sounds on or off, click on the bird icon and select the My preferences menu item. Then select Other. Select Disable All Sounds to turn sounds off. Deselect Disable Sounds to turn sounds on. You may also disable sounds for each bird icon individually by checking the box for disabling sounds at sites whose policies are Unknown (yellow bird), Unmatched (red bird), or Matched (green bird).

If you prefer sounds to be played only the first time you visit a site during your browsing session, select Disable Sound if Policy is already Cached. If that box is checked, Privacy Bird will only play a sound when it fetches a new policy from a web site. At most sites, a new policy will be fetched if a user returns to the site after 24 hours. At some sites policies will be fetched more or less frequently. In addition, because some sites have more than one policy, sounds will be played multiple times as you navigate through the site.

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