Bird icon

Privacy Bird® displays a bird icon in the top right of your browser's title bar. You can click on the bird at any time to open the Privacy Bird menu.

If you would prefer to relocate the bird, click on the bird icon and select Move Bird. You can then move the bird to the location you prefer. Once the bird is in the desired location, click to drop it there. You can return the bird to the title bar by clicking on the bird icon and selecting Return Bird to Title Bar. Note that when you move the bird off the title bar on one browser window, the bird will disappear from all other browser windows and you will see only one bird icon on your screen. The icon serves as an indicator for whichever browser window is currently in focus.

Green bird - The happy green bird appears when Privacy Bird determines that a web site's privacy policy matches your preferences. If the site contains images or other embedded content that do not have privacy policies associated with them, or that have privacy policies that do not match your preferences, a red X appears next to the green bird.

Gray bird - The sleeping gray bird appears when Privacy Bird has been disabled.

Red bird - The angry red bird appears when Privacy Bird determines that a web site's privacy policy conflicts with your preferences.

Yellow bird - The uncertain yellow bird appears when Privacy Bird is unable to fetch or read a privacy policy from the web site you are visiting. The policy must be encoded according to the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) standard in order for the Privacy Bird to fetch it. If the policy contains an error or if it has expired or is not valid, the yellow bird will appear. While a web page is loading and Privacy Bird is in the process of looking for the accompanying privacy policy, the yellow bird will appear to be turning its head from side to side. If you wish, you may disable this animation by selecting Disable Animation on the Other Settings panel.

You can also configure Privacy Bird to play a sound after performing a privacy check. A melodic three-note chirp accompanies the privacy policy match (green bird) icon. A three-note "question mark" chirp accompanies the unknown policy (yellow bird) icon. A single crow sound accompanies the privacy policy mismatch (red bird) icon.

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