My Preferences Menu

Clicking on the bird icon reveals a menu. The second item is My Preferences. If you select this item the menu will expand to the side and you will see three menu items.


Selecting this menu item opens a new window containing the privacy preference settings. These settings allow you to configure Privacy Bird® according to your personal privacy preferences. When Privacy Bird encounters a web site that does not match your privacy preferences, a red warning icon will appear in your browser title bar.

No Prompt Sites

Selecting this menu item opens a window containing a list of sites at which you have asked not to be prompted with a warning that they do not match your privacy preferences. You can turn these prompts back on or turn off prompts for all sites from this window.


Selecting this menu item opens a new window that allows you to turn sounds on and off, turn animation on and off, and select the shortcut key for use with screen readers.

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